Blackbrick Chef Serves Up Miami-Styled Chinese



Miami-based Blackbrick, a Foodable Top 25 restaurant, features a Korean, Chinese, Filipino, and all-around Pan-Asian pantry to create its dishes.

It would make sense with Chef Richard Hales (who is Italian, Irish, and Filipino) at the helm. He says this background has influenced and inspired his extensive Blackbrick menu, which includes things like includes crispy cumin lamb chops, kimchi and bacon fried rice, kung pao tofu, and fried whole hogfish.

When Hales first imagined the concept, he saw a New York-styled Chinese restaurant. His success in Miami caused him to rethink that idea.

“I realized that that wasn’t relevant, even to me anymore,” Hales explains. And so it became a Miami-styled Chinese restaurant.

“I didn’t want the restaurant to be in-your-face Chinese; I wanted it to have little subtle touches.”

See the aesthetic and culture for yourself in this episode of “Table 42,” where Hales prepares Blackbrick’s signature dish — the dandan mian (Sichuan pork sauce, bucatini noodles).