Brand of the Year Shake Shack Shares Secrets to Growth

  • Shack Shack CEO Randy Garutti recalls brands modest beginnings as part of an art piece. 

  • CEO discusses hiring for emotional intelligence and 2018 growth plans. 

On this episode of The Barron Report, Shake Shack CEO Randy Garutti joins host Paul Barron to analyze Shake Shack's growth over the past few years and what has made them stand out. As a brand that has resonated with its audience, Garutti explains that their mindset of providing the best experience possible has done more for them than focusing on a growth strategy. In addition to authenticity, Garutti cites their employees and hiring processes as a couple ways they create the best customer experience. 

Show Notes

  • 0:34Randy Garutti, CEO of Shake Shack
  • 3:38 - Emerging Brands Guide
  • 4:58 - Beginnings as an Art Exhibit
  • 8:36 - Secrets to Success
  • 9:58 - Technology in Restaurants
  • 12:41 - Going Public
  • 17:01 - The Fifty-One Per-centers
  • 20:07 - Seeding new Shacks with Leaders
  • 21:53 - Efficient versus Effective
  • 24:08 - How to Strengthen Chains
  • 25:31 - What's Next for Shake Shack