Breakthrough: How to Deliver Value Through Content Marketing

Understanding the difference between content marketing and advertising can be challenging for many emerging businesses. While advertising is simply promotion of your product or service (i.e. via banners, billboards, emails), real content marketing constitutes a complex, ever-evolving process for guiding potential customers to your content.

In this episode of Breakthrough, host Paul Barron explains why businesses are increasingly investing in content marketing instead of advertising, and explores a number of successful content marketing strategies used by leading brands and restaurants today.

“At the end of the day, you’re spending your dollars and your budgets on your content marketing,” says Barron. “Advertising is starting to disappear from the landscape.”

When compared to content marketing, advertising does little to build the relationship between a business and a customer. According to a 2019 report from the Content Marketing Institute, 90 percent of successful B2B content marketers have found that audiences “view their company as a trusted resource when they do content marketing.”

Businesses hoping to implement content marketing into their company need to accomplish three tasks: craft a personal, transparent voice for your brand, offer consistent content and omni media, and guide the experience of your audience.

“If you don’t have pieces of content that are actually delivering real benefit, then you’re not doing content marketing. You’re just advertising,” notes Barron. “People see through those advertising ploys. Get as much out there as you can before you start asking what it is that you want from your audience. Do the good deed first.”

Keeping customers is also much more difficult than getting them to make an initial purchase. To cultivate loyal patrons—the best kind of brand advocate—your customers need to feel like every interaction with your company adds value to their lives.

“If you’re not delivering value to your audience, you are not content marketing,” says Barron. “Consistency drives engagement.”

Check out the video above to learn about personalized retargeting and to catch a deep dive into Barron’s all-new, step-by-step content marketing funnel for successful content marketing!

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