Modernizing the Foodservice Offerings at Palos Community Hospital

From stark white walls and generic uniforms to outdated cafeterias, hospitals aren’t exactly known for being modern, warm, or the most appealing. In this episode of “BUILT.,” in partnership with FCSI The Americas, we explore how Palos Community Hospital in Palos Heights, IL, has modernized their foodservice offerings for employees and patients alike with the help of FCSI consultant Christine Guyott, RD.

“Typical foodservice in a hospital was polar opposite of what a dining experience in a restaurant would be, where people would actually pay for their dining experience,” says Katie Freese, director of patient access at Palos Community Hospital (PCH). “Presentation has not necessarily been placed on [the] foodservice department.”

The PCH team saw an opportunity. “As we gathered for some of the construction meetings, it really dawned on us that we had an opportunity here to really redefine the entire department,” says Cheri Boublis, director of hospitality services at the hospital. “The old cafeteria was located in the basement and “kind of dingy,” admits Randy Oles, vice president of support services at Palos Community Hospital.

That’s when the Palos team decided to bring in Guyott to put the pieces together and help to create the vision — both aesthetically and operationally. “FCSI consultants are passionate about foodservice, whether it’s operations or design,” says Guyott. “We’re there to make sure that the foodservice operator gets what they need out of the project.”

When Guyott first sat down with the PCH team, the goals were fairly straightforward: to provide staff with an upgraded experience in their retail cafeteria and to improve on foodservice for the patients. “We wanted to create an environment that was…an opportunity for people to take an actual break.”

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