Butter-Poached Alaska Flounder Cooked Mexican Style in Kansas City

Chefs and consumers alike need to be conscious of the origin of their seafood. While generally more sustainable than other protein sources, seafood can vary in nutritional value depending on its source and supplier.

The second season of Foodable’s Smart Kitchen & Bar is partnering with the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute to highlight chefs who understand and value sustainable seafood sourcing practices. These chefs share innovative, fish-focused dishes that will revitalize your menu, and also explain their own contributions to and investment in the sustainable seafood movement.

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Alaska Sole—commonly known as flounder—is one of the healthiest and most nutrient-dense types of flatfish. All wild Alaska fisheries are responsibly and sustainably harvested throughout the state.

The above video provides a glimpse of Chef Carlos Falcon at work. Falcon shares his delicious Butter-Poached Alaska Flounder recipe with host Paul Barron, and he keeps the flavors simple with such ingredients as bomba rice, lobster fumet, Alaska king crab meat, and duck egg aioli.

As the owner and chef of Jarocho in the landlocked Kansas City, Falcon missed the seafood of his hometown. Despite some skepticism, he decided to bring a Mexican-infused seafood menu to the midwest and swiftly won over his critics. He and his culinary staff prioritize keeping things simple at the restaurant: at the end of the day, just make delicious, uncomplicated dishes that everyone can enjoy.

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Vanessa Rodriguez

Vanessa Rodriguez

Writer & Producer