Can the Start-up Galley Enhance the Back-of-House Tech With the Help of Google's Former Chef?

Although the front of house in restaurants across the country has seen significant enhancements in technology in the last few years, the systems in the back of house are still playing catch-up.

From doing the inventory to recipe storing, a lot of operators have not transitioned to digital platforms.

“Sometimes kitchen recipes are handwritten in notebooks that chefs keep in their pockets,” said chef Shawn Quaid, who managed eight restaurants at the shared kitchen Green Summit. “Sometimes recipes are dog-eared in binders or coffee-stained on clipboards hanging in the kitchens.”

No one knows this better than Nate Keller, the former executive chef at Google, who used to manage the massive kitchen operations using a spreadsheet, while ironically working at one of the biggest technology companies.

With that being said, there is potential for tech start-ups to emerge in this space and become the next Uber Eats and to also help streamline back of house operations.

"It’s an opportunity for San Diego tech startup Galley, which is building software to power the back-of-house kitchens, corporate food and a new wave of “virtual” eateries. And they’ve got the help of ex-Googler Keller on their advisory board," writes "The San Diego Union-Tribune."

Keller, who originally co-founded the on-demand delivery company Sprig, has partnered with Galley's mastermind Benji Koltai, a programmer who also worked on the software for Sprig, to start a new venture.

Galley allows users to store recipes, assign them to groups for menus, and export them into shopping lists. The software can also be used for creating inventories and keeping track of inventory costs.

Both Koltai and Keller believe they have a solution that many kitchens desperately need.

“Kitchen software ... it’s not a sexy topic in the tech world,” said Keller. “But it’s a real problem that can be solved.”

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