Canada’s First QSR to Launch Veggie Burger Experiences Beyond Meat Shortages From High Demand

Beyond Meat’s largest restaurant partner, A&W Food Services of Canada Inc. has experienced product shortages due to “extreme popularity” of its latest Beyond Burger offering which launched July 9.

According to Plant Based News, some vegan burger patty fans have been “unable to get their hands on it, leading numerous A&W outlets to post signs, with one saying: We are out of Beyond Burgers! Due to a Canada-wide shortage and the extreme popularity of the Beyond Burger, we have run out. Many stores may still carry them. We will continue serving them as soon as we can get more!! Thank you for making our new burger a success!!!”

In an episode of The Barron Report, Beyond Meat CEO and Founder, Ethan Brown, told our podcast host, Paul Barron, "I say often, thank god for the Millennials because they really are driving change... There's an entirely sincere (in my view) commitment to transparency, to value-driven brands. You know, they don't want to eat the same way that our grandparents and parents ate, and they want to factor in choices that will help them feel better about their own health and better about how they are interacting with the broader environment."

The partnership between Beyond Meat and A&W originated from the plant-based protein company’s summer global expansion plans to enter over 50 countries.

"When we tried the Beyond Meat Burger we were amazed with how great it tasted and knew we had to be the first national burger chain to bring it to Canadians across the country," said Susan Senecal, A&W Canada’s President and CEO when the partnership was first announced in a Beyond Meat company statement.

A week after the announcement of the partnership, Beyond Meat proclaimed it is tripling its production footprint by opening a second production facility in Columbia, Missouri, to create 250 new jobs in 2018.

"We first came to Missouri in 2009 to access the outstanding research being conducted at the University of Missouri. We have been investing in, and growing together with, Columbia, Mo. ever since, and I'm pleased to announce this latest manufacturing investment, our largest to date,” said Brown in a company statement. “Our expansion not only brings more jobs and opportunity to this special community but also furthers Missouri's position as a leader in the production of plant-based meat."

Will this new facility help meet the demand for Canada and the other 49 countries Beyond Meat is planning to break into?

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