Cannabis Fine Dining has Arrived in California But Is it There to Stay?

Fine dining chefs in California cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco are now incorporating cannabis into their menus. 

The cannabis dining trend continues to gain momentum. There are even a few shows like Cooking on High and Bong Appetite, both focused on cannabis-infused cuisine. 

Not all gourmet ganja dishes are meant to give those diners that head "high." With the legalization of marijuana, there is an array of concentrates available.  

"THC is the cannabis compound that can get users high. CBD is different. It's another cannabis compound that lacks psychoactive properties. Fans believe CBD relieves anxiety and pain, and it's become a popular ingredient in cocktails," writes "NPR."

In areas where Cannabis isn't legal recreationally like New York City,  CBD-infused food offerings have popped up on menus. The bar The Breslin at the Ace Hotel in New York has CBD brownies and cocktails on its menu. The NY-based fast casual chain By Chloe now sells CBD-infused desserts.

On the west coast, Spring, a fine dining restaurant in LA has a menu dedicated to CBD-infused dishes.

However, there are some legal challenges when it comes to serving these dishes. 

"It's easier legally to serve gourmet food with CBD than THC. But state and local laws are changing so quickly, it's tricky to keep up. Pot-focused chefs have to grapple with everything from child-proof containers to where you can actually consume your fancy edibles," writes "NPR." "California chefs interested in creating Michelin-worthy pot restaurants have been hampered, for example, by regulations forbidding customers from buying and consuming cannabis in the same place."

But this is about to change in Los Angeles. There are new licenses that have been granted in West Hollywood defining cannabis consumption areas, which will attract cannabis tourists and locals. 

Read more about the exploding cannabis food scene in California at "NPR."

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