Cocktail Menu Trends at The Anderson in the MIMo District of Miami

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On Across the Bar, we look for the best cocktail spots across the country. Hosted by industry expert and cocktail enthusiast, Paul Barron, this show brings insight into beer, wine, and spirits trends so that you can see first-hand where the bar scene is heading.

On this episode, Paul visits The Anderson in the up and coming MiMo District of Miami. The Anderson opened its doors in the Spring for 2016 by the creators of the popular brand Broken Shaker and was honored with the recent accolade of one of Esquire’s Best Bars in America for 2018. The Broken Shaker team is known for setting trends and the revamp at The Anderson shows how in tune this group is with the current cocktail scene.

Dave Simmons, the bar manager at The Anderson, walks Paul through the new cocktail and food menu that has an interesting twist, 1980s style. The Andersons’ interior design details, food menu, music, and cocktails capture the essence of the '80s– Hey, everything was better in the '80s, right? Well, maybe not the crime rate in Miami.

With cocktails like “Hey You Guys!” and “Ticket to Paradise” us '80s babies feel right at home. Pair that with the new menu which elevates the typical bar/food experience. Guests can experience a variety of plates, including the Fried Rice that comes with coconut basmati, sweet plantains, and crab, pork, chicken or veggies; or those looking for a vegan-friendly option can go with the Choripan, made with Atlas vegan chorizo or Proper chorizo, chimi-aioli and crispy onions served on a baguette; or stay close to your Miami roots with the Cuban Quesadilla with roasted pork, chihuahua cheese, ham, pickles and mustard.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the back patio which features an authentic Caribbean rum shack!

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I Want My A+TV

  • Herp Infused New Amsterdam Vodka

  • Lime

  • Ginger Syrup

  • Ginger Beer


Ticket to Paradise

  • Spiced Infused Don Q Cristal Rum

  • Chinola Liqueur Swizzled with Lime

  • Mint

  • Passionfruit - Vanilla Reduction

  • Peychaud’s Bitters Float


Hey You Guys!

  • Dry Gin

  • Aperol with Lemon

  • Pineapple and Pink Peppercorn Reduction

Trying The New Culinary Driven Craft Cocktail Menu at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino’s L Bar

Trying The New Culinary Driven Craft Cocktail Menu at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino’s L Bar
  • Utilizing some of the most mentioned food products on social media, L Bar is handcrafting artisan cocktails far from ordinary.

  • Infused spirits, and breakfast inspiration are behind these culinary influenced cocktails.

Tucked into the lobby of the well-known Seminole Hard Rock Resort and Casino, lies the intimate cocktail and music lounge, L Bar. Since 2015, L Bar has been offering cocktail enthusiasts the finest handcrafted cocktails using fresh, seasonal produce and house-made syrups along with inventive techniques to create their nostalgic yet progressive and ever-evolving menu.

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Former Versace Mansion Pours 24 Karat Gold Margaritas in Its Onyx Bar

Former Versace Mansion Pours 24 Karat Gold Margaritas in Its Onyx Bar
  • Miami Beach's Versace Mansion has a storied past but its present is just as luxurious.

  • 24 karat gold tile line the pool at the Villa Casa Casuarina, matching the opulence of the double king beds found in the hotels many boutique suites.

The opulence of the Villa Casa Casuarina was established during its former existence as the Versace Mansion. But not even a fraction of the lavishness has been lost since it was purchased and transitioned into a boutique hotel by the Victor Hotels Group in 2013. The pool is embedded with thousands of gold tiles, the breezeways are dotted with intricate fountains, and in Gianni Versace's former kitchen there now lives a cozy bar, exclusive to guests of Gianni's, the hotel's private restaurant. 

Watch the episode above for some awe-inspiring views and mouth-watering cocktails that live up to the mansion's luxurious past. 

Cocktail No. 1: 24 Karat Golden Margarita


  • Allaire Aged Crystal Tequila
  • Grand Marnier
  • Lime juice
  • Simple syrup
  • Orange juice

Cocktail No. 2: Passion in the Mansion


  • Passion fruit infused vodka
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Citrusy infused syrup
  • Top with champagne
  • Garnish: Passion fruit seeds, dragon fruit

Cocktail No. 3: Julep Spoon of Cilantro


  • Cilantro
  • Organic agave nectar 
  • Angostura bitters 
  • Homemade spicy bitter  
  • Woodford Reserve Rye
  • Garnish: Hand full of cilantro
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Miami's Best Bartenders Stir Up Competition With the 'Black Box Challenge'

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On this episode of "Across the Bar," we did something a little bit different. We went down to Miami to round up some of the best bartenders in the business and had them show off their skills in a black box challenge. With an ever-changing beverage industry, we wanted to get into the minds of top mixologists to see what trends they’ve been seeing and how they keep up with customer demands.

For this challenge, we were lucky enough to have Byblos host us at their beautiful lounge in Miami’s South Beach. Here, host Paul Barron connects with Steve Minor of MO Bar, Isaac Grillo of Repour Bar, and Eddie Fuentes of Cocktail Cartel Co.

So, what is the black box challenge? Well, we filled up three black boxes with three different sets of mystery ingredients and asked our bartenders to make the tastiest cocktails they could. They did not let us down! Using fruits, pure cane syrups, fresh herbs, and the best spirits, Steve, Isaac and Eddie showed us what the best mixologists do to create the perfect cocktail for their guests.

Steve starts us off strong pulling out his iSi tank, which he uses for rapid infusions. Combining brandy, cinnamon sticks, cold brew concentrate, Grand Marnier, and bitters, Steve creates a powerful base to combine with his lemonade syrup.

Isaac impresses the crew with his flair. His mixology style uses a little less measuring and a little more eyeballing. With a high bar IQ, Isaac knows what it takes to make a polished beverage down to the last detail, like lemon essence on the rim of his glasses.

In the midst of their mixing, the bartenders talk trends like infusions and flavors.

“Another fruit-forward DaVinci Pomegranate syrup. Looks delectable. Made with pure cane sugar which is delicious,” Issac notes while examining his ingredients.

“Pomegranate...I see that in a lot of drinks now,” Paul replies.

As Eddie steps up to the bar, he gets a curveball with a blackberry blood orange cane sugar syrup, which he combines with a sweet and sour mix, orange juice, Aperol, and mint. Adding a splash of Prosecco pulls it all together.

Watch the full episode to learn how these top-quality bartender turn mystery ingredients into high end cocktails. 

Culinary-Driven Drinks are All The Rave at LA’s Birch

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Nearly five miles south of the Hollywood sign, one can find Birch, a New American restaurant offering culinary-driven cocktails in a rustic setting. The name for this Los Angeles spot serves as a subtle homage to the hometown of its chef/owner, Brendan Collins, who grew up in Nottingham, England, near a copse of birch trees.

Running Birch’s bar program is Gaby Mlynarczyk — the beverage director with over 20 years of experience who also keeps a blog, Loving Cup, to help demystify drink making for the home bartender. In this episode of "Across the Bar," host Paul Barron has a chance to chat and learn from Mlynarczyk, a New Jersey-born and UK-raised fashion-student-accidentally-turned-bartender extraordinaire.

“Bartending was something I just fell into, naturally...,” said Mlynarczyk. “Thirty years ago… I was in fashion school and it was really important for us to have, like... the trendiest and newest...instead I was always hitting the flea markets and thrift shops. So, I didn’t need to make a lot of money but definitely needed to have an allowance for clothing,” explained the ingredient-driven Birch bartender about the motives that drove her to her current profession.

Her approach? She likes to get inspiration from what ingredients are being used back of house and turn those ideas into creative and tasty cocktails. Initially, the inspiration came from wanting to be a pastry chef, but later on, Mlynarczyk was able to forge a creative outlet while improving her financial situation by working front of house and making thoughtful cocktails.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 4.23.39 PM.png

Cocktail No. 1: #3

It’s a variation on a Negroni that is perfect for the winter months. It’s light and considered an apéritif. The ingredients are: Fords Gin, bitters, sweet white vermouth infused with golden and red beets, shiso, and poured over a large block of ice. The drink is finalized with a garnish of carrot flower, edible disco dust, and shiso essence. None of Mlynarczyk’s drinks have names, but this one you can find as #3 in Birch’s drink menu.

Cocktail No. 2: #1

The flavors of the second drink that Mlynarczyk demonstrated for us are inspired by a Thai coconut soup. While the presentation of the cocktail is fairly unconventional, using a Chinese take-out rice box in place for the glass served next to a Chinese fortune cookie, the execution of the drink is simple. This cocktail is a variation on a Mai Tai, a classic tiki-style drink, but Mlynarczyk makes a coconut butter orgeat for it instead of using an almond or brown rice orgeat base. It is the first drink listed in the menu and apparently a very popular one with the Birch crowd. The ingredients are: coconut butter orgeat, five spice rum, dry curaçao, and pickled kumquats. It’s garnished with a Chinese flower and broccoli. To finish it off, it is sprayed by a mint mist, traditional Mai Tai ingredient.

Cocktail No. 3: 004

Lastly, Mlynarczyk shows host Paul Barron how to prepare the final drink, which is based on a Scaffa, “an old-school after dinner drink.” Scaffa-style drinks do not contain water/ice and are a mixture of a liquor and liqueurs and/or bitters. Ingredients used: Irish whiskey, Drambuie, old-spiced rum, honey, bitters. At Birch, this drink is served with a glass smoked with burning frankincense, an edible ingredient used as a purifier.

Watch the episode to learn more!