How to Enhance Your Catering Program

The holidays are just around the corner, so there is no better time than now to revamp your catering and takeout menus.

Rich’s Savory Eggspedites™ |   Rich Products

Rich’s Savory Eggspedites™ | Rich Products

The season of giving can offer significant gifts for your restaurant’s revenue by tapping into the potential of the off-premise sector.

While the options for diners in the food market may have increased as meal-kits, grocery to-go items, and food delivery become more readily available, this also presents a significant opportunity.

By 2020, the National Restaurant Association estimates that 70 percent of customers will be ordering food off a restaurant’s premises.

To capitalize on this trend, restaurant operators, have to be especially strategic about the food offerings on their catering menu.

When it comes to large catering orders, there are a lot of moving parts.

First, you have to develop a menu that your team can realistically fulfill large quantities of within a certain time frame. Speed of service is a customer expectation that you must deliver to when it comes to catering orders.

Then, of course, there’s the taste.

A common complaint by diners is that catering orders aren’t always the same quality of a restaurant’s dine-in dishes. If a customer who dines in often at a restaurant is disappointed by a catering order then you may risk losing that customer altogether.

So with all of this in mind, it’s crucial to invest in products to ensure that your catering dishes consist of high-quality ingredients, are quick to prep, and can also be used for traditional dine-in menus items.

Products to Streamline Your Prep for Catering Orders

Rich Products Corporation, a foodservice supplier dedicated to their customers’ catering needs, has an array of solutions to enhance your catering and takeout programs.

Plant Based Cooking Creme |   Rich Products

Plant Based Cooking Creme | Rich Products

Rich’s Culinary Solutions™ help operators save time by streamlining and simplifying speed scratch production. We understand that operators are challenged for labor, and these products can help them save on steps while providing consistent flavor and texture, without sacrificing taste," said Sam Bugaj, Associate Marketing Manager at Rich Products. "And since the products are highly versatile, they can be used across the menu and customized by infusing seasonal and on-trend flavors – allowing operators to also save on space and food cost!”

Jump on the Plant-Based Bandwagon

Catering to vegan eaters is essential in today's market. According to our Foodable Labs data, 78.4 percent of the top foodie influencers that we indexed mentioned vegan menus in 2017, which was a 309% increase from the year before. In the same year, concepts in the health halo sector increased their vegan menu offerings by 211 percent.

Since the population of vegan eaters continues to grow, companies and event planners are seeking out these options on catering menus to meet their guests' dietary needs

For restaurants looking to offer more plant-based dishes, Rich’s has a line of plant-based products making it easy to cater to vegan eaters.

“Our newest addition to the Culinary Solutions™ line is Plant Based Cooking Creme, which is a complete liquid dairy alternative that’s perfect for making soups, sauces, dressings, and more. What’s great about this item is that it’s vegan and does not contain the 8 major allergens, all while performing at par or better than dairy. This allows operators to make one version of the same dish that everyone will love!” said Bugaj.

On Top® Whipped Topping  |  Rich Products

On Top® Whipped Topping | Rich Products

Besides Plant Based Cooking Creme in Rich’s Culinary Solutions™ line, there are others with multiple applications.

This line, in particular, was developed to help operators not only save time and labor costs but also so they can add their own culinary twist to their delicious creations.

On Top® Whipped Topping   | Foodable Network

On Top® Whipped Topping | Foodable Network

With the Rich’s Savory Eggspedites™, an operator can quickly make a quiche, strata, frittata, egg sandwiches, and more! To elevate your catering menu's dessert section, the Premium Custard Base is perfect for pies, crème brûlée, custards and more. The Sweet Eggspedites™ can be used for French toast, bread pudding and sweet casseroles.

Finally, to top off your culinary creations On Top® Whipped Topping is available in multiple colors and is perfect for grab-and-go desserts, shakes, pancakes, cakes, and pies.It holds its shape for hours, making it great for catering items.

Need some inspiration for your catering and takeout offerings? Check out some recipes here!

Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored post.

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