Catholics Raise the Bar on Kosher Restaurants in NYC

Kosher restaurants in New York City are expanding. But the rules for opening and running such an establishment are quite different from traditional restaurants.

The main difference: making sure everything conforms to Jewish law.

This is accomplished with a professional mashgiach who makes sure all the food prepared and served is kosher. At midtown’s Le Marais, Rabbi Avrohom Keller holds that position. The rabbi inspects everything from meat to dairy (but not together, as this is against the laws of kashrut, which prohibits the mixing of meat and dairy products) to produce and even utensils.

Interestingly, the restaurant’s owner and executive chef — Jose Meirelles and Mark Hennessey, respectively — are both Catholic, but have made themselves a successful 21-year, $7 million business by raising the bar on kosher restaurants. Read more