How Chatbots are Revolutionizing Marketing Technology

Offering quality customer service is a "must" in any hospitality business, but sometimes it can be difficult to provide a customized experience for every potential guest. Enter the chatbot. While many may shy away from using bots in their business, in this episode Carrie explains how bots can improve the customer service experience– while also still maintaining that human touch. 

Tech wiz Nathan Hague talks to Carrie about using chatbots effectively and offers tips on customizing them and how to personalize every message. Your customers won't even know they're talking to a bot! On this episode of Front of House, find out how to leverage chatbots to improve you restaurant's customer service. 

Listen and follow along with the show notes below!

Show Notes

  • 1:07 - Nathan Hague
  • 2:21 - Innovations in Social Media
  • 6:03 - What is a Chatbot?
  • 9:40 - Personalizing Your Bot
  • 11:44 - One Bot or Two?
  • 12:46 - If You Don't Measure, How Can You Manage?
  • 13:24 - Tag, You're It!
  • 15:01 - Using Your Customer List to It's Full Potential
  • 18:36 - You're Gonna Need a Little Help
  • 29:28 - How to Build Your Bot