Cigar City Says Tampa Brew Scene has Room To Grow


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The city of Tampa, Fla. has a rich history surrounding Cuban cigars and a man known as Vincente Ybor. Cigar City Brewing, a beer company aptly named after the Cuban cigar production brought to Tampa Bay by Ybor, uses the history of the city to guide their work.

For example, Cigar City’s “El Lector,” Neil Callaghan, has a title inspired by the “Lectores” in cigar factories. "El Lector" was the person whose job it was to inform and entertain the cigar rollers.

As Callaghan shares with us, history is also tied into the actual brewing done at Cigar City.

“... Maduro which is a dark wrap around a cigar which is our brown ale. So a lot of the names, a lot of the approach, and a lot of the special ingredients do have that tie-in back to Cuba.”

Cigar City Brewing hand-mashes its malt, and hand fills its kegs in an effort have total control over their production process. On this episode of Beer Artisan, Callaghan explains how there is room for growth in Florida beer production if you look at the number of breweries in relation to the population. Watch the episode above to see Callaghan and his pup, Egg, take a historical journey through Cigar City.