Coffee & Yogurt: JoeFroyo's Functional Cold Brew Provides Probiotics without the Lactose

President and Founder of JoeFroyo, Zach Miller, came up with the idea for JoeFroyo Functional Cold Brew after years in the retail coffee and frozen yogurt industries.

“One of our most popular menu items was what we called the ‘Yo-gato’ –vanilla frozen yogurt with one or two shots of espresso floated on top,” said Miller in a press release.

Foodable went to NRA 2018 with the goal of finding top innovators in the Technology, Chef Equipment, and Specialty Food categories. Miller's realization of the opportunity in the beverage category is why Foodable chose JoeFroyo as one of our Specialty Food favorites. As the functional beverage category began to take off, Miller realized combining espresso with the health benefits from frozen yogurt could fill a gap in the functional beverage market.

JoeFroyo Functional Cold Brew combines the kick of caffeine from cold brew with probiotics and protein, provided by premium drinkable yogurt. Featuring 15 grams of natural protein per 12-ounce serving and six live and active probiotic cultures, JoeFroyo adds valuable health benefits from dairy, all while remaining 100% lactose-free. It also contains no added sugar, no artificial colors or sweeteners, no preservatives and no gluten.

“The functional beverage market is seeing exponential growth right now, but wherever we looked, we could see drinks that sacrificed taste for benefits or benefits for taste,” said Miller. “With JoeFroyo, we tried to create a functional beverage that checked all the boxes. It’s full of long-lasting energy, natural health benefits – and we never compromise on great taste.”

Learn more about this innovative Specialty Food brand in the video above, and stay tuned for Foodable's 2018 Restaurant Product Innovators guide coming soon!