DoorDash is Using Its Technology to Give Back to the Needy

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By law, restaurant owners cannot serve leftover food to guests the following day. So, what is a chef or restaurateur to do with all the extra food?

You could always have employees take some home, but what if you still have more after that?

According to “Fast Company,” “An average restaurant might waste 100,000 pounds of foods a year.”

Enter DoorDash. This food delivery company is using its algorithm to help restaurant owners with a surplus of food finding a person to deliver it to the nearest shelter caring for hungry homeless people, for example.

The pilot program is called Project DASH, which is an acronym for 'DoorDash Acts for Sustainability and Hunger.' The delivery company partnered up with the hunger relief organization Feeding America to make this program a reality.

What a wonderful example of a business using the resources it already has to do some good in the community.

How does it work, you ask?

According to “Fast Company,” “using MealConnect, a Feeding America app, restaurants can snap a photo of extra food, and the platform finds a nearby food bank, shelter, or other nonprofit that needs it. Then DoorDash uses its delivery algorithm to find the most efficient way to transport it.”

The pilot program is being executed in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, first. Project DASH is treated like a DoorDash drive delivery. Dashers are paid the guaranteed amount that they are shown prior to accepting a Project DASH delivery— which is, and will continue to be, funded by the delivery company.

To learn more about this initiative and which restaurants are involved, read “Fast Company.”