Emerging Brands - Ep 2 - Scott Davis, President of Corelife Eatery

By the time he was 24, Scott Davis was working as a manager at Au Bon Pain with soon to be CEO of Panera, Ron Shaik. He helped evolve Au Bon Pain into Panera Bread and there spent 25 years as the chief concept officer. 

Through his years of experience with one of America’s most widely known brands, he has learned many lessons which he carried over into his position as the president of Corelife Eatery. Some of the most important lessons being that, as a company, you must always be ready for a change. 
Customers are always looking for something new. Today it’s about fresh, healthy and clean. But as this new trend was coming to be, Panera and its high-quality offering noticed that while customers were coming to them for great food, they were also coming for the atmosphere. Something that hasn’t seemed to change. 

Listen in to this episode of Foodable’s Emerging Brands Podcast Series to hear more about what customers are looking for and how your brand can provide the best product and experience.