Emerging Brands - Ep 4 - Sam Polk, CEO of Everytable

Sam Polk was a hedge fund manager before he had, what he calls, a “crisis of conscience.” He was awakened by a number of structural inequalities he saw in our society, especially those in our food system. So he set out to confront those inequalities, first with his nutrition program Groceryships, and now with Everytable.

Everytable is first and foremost a business just like Tender Greens or McDonalds. But Polk’s mission is a little loftier. Seeing that access to healthy food is scarce in underprivileged neighborhoods, Everytable strives to provide healthy options to underserved neighborhoods at truly affordable prices. Clean, vegetable-forward, culinarily-driven meals are sold at lower price points than their larger, less-healthy competitors.

So how does he do it? You’ll have to take a listen to this episode of Foodable’s Emerging Brands Podcast Series for his full business model, but variable pricing plays a major role in creating profitable stores that are truly accessible to all income levels.