Experts Weigh in on the International Restaurant Trends

Restaurants across the world are being impacted by similar consumer trends, but also experience unique challenges specific to their markets. With that in mind, we sat down with Shanna Munro, president and CEO at Restaurants Canada and Simone Galante, founder and CEO of Galunion Consulting Company in Brazil to discuss the topic of International Restaurant Trends and to see what they are seeing develop in their local industries.

As Munro points out 2018 was a record year for the foodservice industry in Canada. Sales hit 89 billion, which is a 5 percent increase compared to last year. 

However, she says this growth hasn't necessarily been driven by a surge in traffic. She attributes this to higher labor costs, food costs, utility rates, and operating expenses for operators who have had increase pricing for customers to cover some of these additional costs. 

But there has been some significant growth due to demographic & social changes.  

"The industry has actually doubled in size since 2000 in Canada. Canadians love to get out of their homes and connect with their family and friends. What better place to do so than at a restaurant? So the millennials and generation z has been leading that change, but at the same time, the stay-at-home economy is driving some of this change and driving delivery sales through the roof," says Munro.

In Brazil, the industry was optimistic for this year due to the new social climate. The recent presidential election was supposed to inspire some economic reforms. However, with the slow movement of the reforms, there's a lack of disposable income impacting the growth in the restaurant industry in Brazil. 

"We're going to have around 3 percent or 2.5 percent growth this year. Last year was just 1 percent. We are facing a lot of challenges in the foodservice market. We have a 12 percent unemployment rate and this rate hurts the foodservice opportunities," says Galante.

In Brazil, about 80 percent of restaurants are independents. Chains from other countries that have tried to penetrate the market have struggled. But Galante does point out that there's quite a bit of fast casual growth in the country. 

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