Farm From a Box: The Swiss Army Knife of Sustainable Farming

Brandi DeCarli is not an engineer or a farmer but she and her team at Farm From a Box... Not Farm in a Box... has created a revolutionary product that could change the way the world farms.

Their product is arguably the coolest, smartest, greenest thing that has come out of modifying shipping containers since, well, since we started modifying shipping containers.

DeCarli is an entrepreneur, activist, and a dreamer, one that can manifest her dreams into a fully sustainable reality and that my friends is a dangerous combination. If you have not heard of her "Swiss army knife of sustainable farming" let me break it down for you.

Each unit is a solar powered 20 ft shipping container with everything you need to farm two acres of land completely off the grid. COMPLETELY! Yes, that includes a modifiable water system and even WIFI! 


"If we look at climate change, land degradation, population growth... (farming) has to rapidly evolve and it has to become much more climate resilient and we have the technologies now..." 

In Virginia U.S., Veterans are running a farm called "Independence" and during the winter months, the solar power grid is providing heat to their greenhouses while crop growth is limited. In Tanzania, Alice Concessa's farm is providing her and her family a way out of extreme poverty.  

DeCarli has a vision for what food sovereignty can look like and that is not just working the land, it’s creating infrastructure and it's education, elevating any community it is placed in. 

Listen to this episode of Food Out Loud to learn more about Farm From a Box and DeCarli's vision for a food independent future.