Food Fight: LA vs. NY


LA Weekly claims it has proof that the Los Angeles food scene has surpassed New York in terms of superiority – at least when it comes to Chinese food. The proof is actually more opinion, but it does hold some water in regard to the trends impacting the industry.

The publication credits Anthony Bourdain for televising food from Shaanxi Province and its capital city of Xi’An – and raising LA’s profile. New York has been home to Xi’An Famous Foods, but Los Angeles now boasts a total of seven great Shaanxi restaurants – including two Shaanxi Gourmet locations, its counterpart, Xi’An Kitchen, Qin West, Xi An Tasty, and Shaanxi Garden – to New York’s one. 

The attraction of Shaanxi-style food? It’s liked by most everyone, called by LA Weekly “one of the most approachable of all Chinese regional cuisines.” It’s spicy, but not too spicy, using vinegar to provide another flavor dimension.  

The masses may be most attracted to the Chinese hamburger, made with lamb meat and green chilis and served on thick bread. LA Weekly says it just might be the “original hamburger.” Read more