Fresh Blends Creates World’s First Digitally Integrated Platform with 100% Natural Ingredients

Fresh Blends combines all of the Top Trend beverage options in a beverage dispenser solution that offers highest quality and optimum versatility to the consumer while providing the operator with the maximum in efficiency and ease of operation. It enables the whole range of beverage applications from smoothies, frappes, lemonades, milk shakes, craft sodas, aqua frescas to cold brew coffee drinks.

On this episode of On Foodable: Industry Pulse, we talk to Sean Larkin, executive vice president of global commercialization at Fresh Blends, North America, as he showcases the Fresh Blender powered by Fresh Blends’ innovative beverage platform.

The Fresh Blender is an interactive and intuitive touchscreen, self-serve frozen beverage dispenser. The machine includes high-performance dual blades and a blend in cup technology. These technological advances allow for a quick smoothie or milkshake with minimized food and water waste.

The highlight of Fresh Blender is that it uses 100 percent natural ingredients, from the fruit purees and dairy bases, with no high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.

For consumers, the Fresh Blender not only offers a freshly made product with convenience, but it houses eight products that allow consumers to create about 600 varieties of drinks. It also features a unique loyalty program integrated into the machine. Consumers can scan a QR code on their phone and instantly receive loyalty points and rewards.

Consumers are not the only ones who will love this dispenser. The programmable low-maintenance “clean-in-place system” allows for operators to program a time to clean the machine nightly and weekly. Efficient right?

“It’s very very user intuitive. People have requested this style of equipment probably in the last seven or eight years, so now it’s come to fruition. And we’re here,” said Larkin.

To learn more about how Fresh Blends is reinventing the frozen beverages game through technology, check out the episode above!