From Wine to Beer: Son of Kendall-Jackson Creator Launching Green Brewery

Beer and Wine

In California, where water risk is high, a new kind of brewery is, well, brewing. 

The brainchild of Christopher Jackson (son of Kendall-Jackson wine-label creator, Jess Jackson) intends to build a similar empire as his late father and has some lofty goals for the $8 million Seismic Brewing Company. Namely, to bring to Sonoma County one of the most sustainable breweries in America.

Sustainability is a concept Jackson knows well, explaining to Brewbound that “we are employing a lot of similar philosophies from my wine background.”

Water will be a critical component. Seismic will reuse its water by completely removing contaminants and solids from the spent brewing water. While none of the recycled water will enter the final product, it will be used for numerous industrial processes in the brewery.

“Our onsite water treatment and reuse system, coupled with our various clean energy initiatives, will help us drive down our brewery’s resource and carbon footprint,” Jackson said in a press release. “The sky is the limit for where we can conserve in the beer-making process — and we’re excited to fly.” Read more