Get Your Homebrew on With Help From Funky Buddha

Funky Buddha has long been revered as one of America’s favorite breweries. Just this year they ranked No. 3 in consumer sentiment according to Foodable Labs! But, did you know Funky Buddha started as a homebrewer's dream?

Founder Ryan Sentz keeps his love for homebrewing alive through the Homebrew Shop connected to their Brewery and Lounge, Funky Buddha’s original location, in Boca Raton, Fla.

Mitch Mitchell Wilkison, Digital Content Coordinator at Funky Buddha also shares a passion for homebrewing. Before Wilkinson even worked there, he actually picked up a lot of his knowledge from Funky Buddha’s team.

“I started making my own beers and I was going to the homebrew shop so much and annoying the brewer [by] asking so many questions that they just gave me a job,” he shares.

Watch this special episode of Beer Artisan in honor of National Homebrew Day to learn how you could be brewing Funky Buddha level brews, too! Or join them for one of their homebrew classes!