Give Customers What They Want With These Clean-Label Dessert Recipes

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Welcome to Foodable’s Smart Kitchen + Bar where chefs share innovative ideas around the challenges you work with every day. In this episode, Agnes and Chef Adrianne are cleaning up your customers' favorite desserts.

Customers are demanding clean ingredients and transparency in everything they eat from entrees to indulgent desserts. Many concepts are taking cheesecake, a classic customer favorite, and adding fruit flavors to take the traditional plate to the next level. But while apple and cheesecake are a winning pair, ensuring consistent quality and flavor can be a struggle for multi-unit operators.

Other dessert flavors like cherry and lemon can also be difficult to source cleanly as they are often bulked up with preservatives and artificial colors. Watch this episode to see how Chef Adrianne makes adding fresh and clean fruit flavors to your dessert menu easy and cost-efficient.