Glassware Solutions | Maintaining The Best Glass with the Right Dishwasher

Video Produced by Daniella Caldera-Lozano

When you’re managing a restaurant and bar, focus may be on the concept, menu, staff etc. but do you stop and think about your glassware? What about how your drink is affected by your glassware?  What about how your customers will feel about your glassware?

Consumers want a personal connection with everything they interact with, according to So the way you present your drinks are equally important.

Source | Hobart

Source | Hobart

There is more to it than selecting specific types of glassware. The care of your glassware is certainly something your customers will notice.

Choosing the right dishwasher is imperative to accomplishing this goal. Basic features like a large opening and low water consumption will not only allow all the glassware from a busy night fit, but save your operation water, energy, and money.

Don’t forget about chemical residue, which is easily one of the quickest ways turn your guests off and create a negative dining experience. To help solve this issue, look for a dishwasher with a low chemical alert indicator. This will help let you know when it’s time to replace your dishwasher’s chemicals.

Keeping your glassware pristine doesn’t have to be hard. Do your research on the glassware, but also on the dishwasher you plan on utilizing in your kitchens.

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