Goodr: Solving Food Waste and Food Security with Blockchain

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We all struggle with this occasionally. We can’t finish our meals. Restaurants throw out leftovers from the day. Produce spoils before we can eat it.

But just how much food is wasted?

The USDA’s Economic Research Service estimates American consumers waste 133 billion pounds of food each year.

Goodr, a food waste management company has a solution that utilizes blockchain technology.

The Atlanta-based company provides a service that picks up surplus food from corporations and delivers it to local charities, solving both food waste and hunger.

This is similar to what DoorDash is doing through Project DASH, as Foodable has reported in the past.

Goodr came to fruition when its chief executive officer and founder, Jasmine Crowe witnessed a friend of hers struggling with food security first-hand.

The streamlined service is available to corporations through the Goodr app. Some features the app provides are real-time reporting analytics to tell companies where its food is going and assists with scheduling. Companies will be provided analytics on waste diversion as well.

To provide reports to its clientele, Goodr uses blockchain to keep a data ledger of things like how much food the client wastes, how much money is being lost, what food item is wasted the most, and environmental impacts.

"Our hope is definitely like most social good companies, is that we're able to work ourselves out of business," said Crowe. "But one of the things that we do see is that there's really not a lot of predictability in large scale food service."

Currently, Goodr provides service to businesses across Atlanta including Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Ponce City Market, Georgia World Congress Center and Turner Broadcasting Systems.

The company hopes to expand to more locations like Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Miami, Dallas, Houston and San Francisco by 2019.

Will more companies find ways to tackle food waste?

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