Heatonist Hot Sauce Tasting Room Offers Insights into Millennial Taste Buds

  • Hot sauce store, the Heatonist, has the hottest sauces from international small-batch makers.

  • Their sauces are all-natural and rank from 1-10 on a scale based on the traditional Scoville scale. 

On this episode of On Foodable, we visit the Heatonist in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York’s first hot sauce tasting room.

Millenials have been shown recently to favor their hot sauce and many data sets describe the tastes of younger generations as more adventurous with flavor and spice. Chefs have been challenged to keep up with this trend making Heatonist the go-to spot for chefs looking to offer their customers the exotic flavors they’re craving.

At Heatonist, anyone off the street can come in and taste a range of sauces ranked from 1 to 10, a more relatable scale based off of the traditional Scoville scale. The tasting room offers more than 100 varieties of hot sauce from small makers around the world. Very strict in their curation process, Heatonist only offers all natural products from small-batch makers. 

Take a look at this episode of On Foodable Side Dish to see Colleen Hagerty and Heatonist founder, Noah Chaimberg, test the scale from 1 to mouth-numbing 10.