Here's How to Stop Google From Tracking you

Google and it's search engine, email service, and map app have become our best friend. 

They are tools that people use daily, but these apps are also how the tech giant keeps tabs on you, especially Google Maps. 

Having this data may be a marketers dream, but not all users want this lack of privacy. 

According to a recent AP investigation, even if you disable your Location History, Google can still track you when you open Google Maps or search in your browser. 

More than two billion people with Android smartphones or iPhones are being tracked, even if they don't think they are. 

Google claims that by turning off location history, "the places you go are no longer stored. When you turn off Location History for your Google Account, it's off for all devices associated with that Google Account."

However, the AP investigation revealed that this isn't the case. By turning off this feature, some apps can still track you and store location data from your device. 

"If Google is representing to its users that they can turn off or pause location tracking but it's nevertheless tracking their location, that seems like textbook deception to me," said Alan Butler, senior council at the Electronic Privacy Information Center to "Wired."

So how do you really turn off the location tracking? It's anything but simple. 

"Google says you have to navigate to a setting buried deep in your Google Account called Web & App Activity, which is set by default to share your information, including not just location but IP address and more. Finding that setting isn't easy. At all," writes "Wired."

"Wired" gives you step-by-step instructions though, check them out here.