Hip Chick Farms Brought Innovation to the Frozen Food Category With Its Organic Offerings

“We’re not willing to cut corners at all,” says Chef Jennifer Johnson, Co-Founder of Hip Chick Farms. “We’ve been offered a whole array of different kinds of chickens: without beaks, without feet, without wings, you know? And I just... I won’t do it!”

On this episode of On Foodable, the team sits down with Chef Jen and Serafina Palandech, President of Hip Chick Farms to talk about the origins of Hip Chick Farms, the mission behind it, and the struggles they face as an emerging frozen foods company.

Chef Jen admits that she never wanted to own her own company and jokingly blames her wife and co-founder, Serafina, to which she laughingly replied, “Oops.”

Now, Hip Chick Farms—which focuses on providing organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and humanely-certified frozen chicken fingers, chicken meatballs, and breakfast sausages—is in about 5,000 grocery stores.

Frozen Food

The frozen category was lacking innovation at the time organic products from Hip Chick Farms broke into the market.

“The combination of offering a hundred percent organic product with innovating in a category that was really stale was really exciting for grocery stores, so we got a lot of early adopters and it grew from there,” said Serafina. “And, there’s been a huge growth with how folks feel about frozen food. Like, that’s really changed.”

Chef Jen adds that chefs aren’t, for the most part, “fond of frozen food” but she actually thinks it’s “cutting edge.”


One of the biggest challenges for this small family company has been attaining venture capital investments.

“Really knowing what you stand for and standing behind that regardless of how many people say ‘no’ to you is kind of our motto,” says Serafina. “Like I don’t care how many people say ‘no’ we are going to do it anyway.”

“We do things from our heart and that’s been the hardest way to go,” says Chef Jen.

Watch the On Foodable episode above to learn more about Hip Chick Farms and the uncompromising women leading it!