Hot Products From the Summer Fancy Food Show That Should Be on Your Radar

After spending three days on the trade show floor at this year's Summer Fancy Food Show, we came across thousands of specialty and fine food products. 

But some stood out more than the rest. Here are some of our hot product picks that especially impressed us with their innovative formula and taste. 

Red Root & Co

Red Root & Co products at the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show |  Foodable Network

Red Root & Co products at the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show | Foodable Network

Let's face it, the quality of a craft cocktail relies on the quality of ingredients. That's where companies like Red Root & Co comes in.

Known for its craft small batch infusions, Red Root & Co sells a variety of plant-based tonics, beverages, vinegars, teas, and more. 

Like most artisanal companies, the Red Root name and its story says a lot about the company. 

"Red Root is a plant native to North America. It has a long history of use in the herbal medicine cabinet being well known to Native North Americans. Red Root has many attributes, and we wish to honor this invaluable plant and its important place in the modern apothecary," writes Red Root & Co on its website. "The plant, Red Root, does not exist in isolation, but rather keeps dynamic Company with her environment. Like this powerful herb we are each unique, recognized for individuality and contribute to a greater system."

Red Root's products like the plant are meant to complement and be paired with other ingredients and beverages. 

Some of the products include the Raw Spring Oxymel, Elderberry Syrup, House Bitters, Ginger Apple Shrub, Fire Tonic, Blueberry Vanilla Shrub, and much more. 

The Truffleist 

The Truffleist products at the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show |  Foodable Network

The Truffleist products at the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show | Foodable Network

The truffle trend may be here to stay, but not all truffle products are created equal. 

The Truffleist is a Long Island City-based company taking handcrafted to the next level with its small-batch truffle products.

The company all started with its truffle butter after the company' founder Jimmy Kunz started to give it as presents to friends and family back in 2013. Now the company has five more truffle products in its portfolio, including Truffle Honey, Truffle Salt, Truffle Mustard, Truffle Oil, and Truffle Butter. 

The company also makes a conscious effort to support other local New York companies. 

"Many of our base ingredients are locally sourced from other small producers while our truffles are imported from countries such as Italy, France, and Spain" writes Truffleist on its website. "Supporting other companies based in NY state keeps our footprint low and our quality high while encouraging the growth of small business and entrepreneurship."

Brooklyn Bred 

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New York City and its surrounding areas remain as a hub for fine and artisanal foods. 

We came across Brooklyn Bred, known for its variety of bread products made in Brooklyn, New York, where the water is often said to be the secret to New York's best bagels and pizza.

The Brooklyn-base company got its start back in 1930 when an immigrant opened Damascus Bakery. Today, Brooklyn Bred is so much more than a bakery. 

The company now sells its bread all over the country and at major grocery chains. Products include the Pizza Crusts like the traditional, original, and Ancient Grains crust made with organic Khorasan flour; Bistro Buns; and Bistro Sticks. 

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