How Chipotle Can Reclaim The Top Spot in Fast Casual

  • Chipotle's Sentiment scores have increased and decreased in line with the fast casual stock market prices. 

  • Chipotle needs to build brand advocates, develop a new message around food safety, and go back to food sourcing basics, & Paul Barron gives more tips. 

Just a few years ago, Chipotle was the darling of fast casual. They could do no wrong. The never-ending lines were a sign of prosperity. However, with multiple outbreaks of E. Coli, Norovirus and rats literally falling from the ceiling, the burrito chain has faltered and it hasn’t been able to regain its momentum since.

On this episode of Plugged In, industry expert Paul Barron outlines all the missteps Chipotle has made and draws out a plan to get Chipotle back on its feet. One of which is getting rid of their poorly performing queso. “Not every brand can hit home runs on every single thing they do,” Paul urges. Between that and claiming responsibility in more than just a press release, Paul explains that Chipotle still has a chance to win back the hearts and stomachs of diners everywhere.

Watch the episode above for some tough love and hilarious insights.