How Employers Can Recruit Gen Z Workers



Move over millennials, the Gen Z population is ready to join the workforce.

This group is expected to soon have the greatest buying power and already makes up 25 percent of the population.

Besides becoming targeted buyers, these young adults born between the mid-1990s and late 2000s are looking for jobs.

The restaurant industry has always offered opportunities to young adults, many of which looking for their first jobs.

But with a low employment rate, this means there's lot of competition in the labor market and it has been difficult for restaurants, especially fast food chains, to hire and retain staff. There are more job openings than people to fill them.

It's more important than ever to make sure your business or restaurant is an attractive opportunity to potential employees.

So how can you attract these tech-savvy Gen Z individuals to apply to work at your restaurant?

Make sure your platforms are user-friendly and that you offer multiple communication channels.

"Having seamless and usable software is particularly important as 60 percent of Gen Z indicated that they won’t use an app or website if it is too slow," writes "Entrepreneur." "They also prioritize the ability to access information and people instantly, and expect cross-functional teamwork."

Besides staying up to date with the latest technology platforms, it's important to also make a good first impression during the interview process.

"Gen Z wants employers that are collaborative, honest and involved in their community, and it's important to make sure that the candidate experience convinces applicants that they do want to work at your company," writes "Entrepreneur."

Also, being clear about expectations and follow-up with candidates to give them updates on the position even if they didn't get the job. This shows you respect their time.

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