How Gen Z Cooks and Eats

The Hartman Group

The Hartman Group

The generation after millennials, Generation Z now makes up 25 percent of the population. This segment of the population is bigger than the Baby Boomers or millennials.

With that being said, this group will someday have the greatest buying power.

The Hartman Group just released a report specifically on this population and its eating habits.

This group, which is made of people born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s, is much more familiar with cooking at home, although they rely on adults to provide them with the food and beverages in the household.

"Busy household schedules mean that teens do much of their own food prep and often eat alone for every meal except dinner (and occasionally at dinner, too)," according to The Hartman Group’s Gen Z 2018 report. "With so much autonomy at home and easy access to information and instruction, Gen Z are actually quite confident in the kitchen. A practical generation, they see cooking as an accessible life skill available to anyone with an internet connection."

According to Hartman's findings, 53 percent of Gen Zs enjoy cooking. 26 percent make most of their own food and 71 percent "would love to learn how to cook more."

The top five foods they make are eggs; pasta or rice; vegetables; cookies or brownies; and pancakes, waffles, or French toast.

But unlike millennials, this group is less concerned about health and wellness and instead, they are more interested in flavor.

"Gen Z are young and have few health worries, so while they know the “rules” of H+W, they don’t feel a strong need to follow them just yet," writes the report. "They prioritize fun and flavor as often as, if not more than, what is “right.”

We are seeing more reports coming focused on the Gen Z group now. But a little over a year ago, we spoke to David Stillman about how Generation Z is becoming the "authority figure" and how it is time to pay attention to the group that will mold the future of the restaurant industry.

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