How Millennials are Shaping Food Trends


Millennials today are 83 million strong, according to the most recent U.S. Census, and represent a fourth of the population in the United States. Coming out in force, their impact on food culture cannot be ignored.

According to the Hartman Group, the ethnic diversity of Millennials is driving food trends toward “authentic, global” experiences. In fact, the research found that Millennials are “culinary adventurers,” who like to try different types of cuisine with unique flavorings.

With a major focus on health, Millennials are demanding fresher options in the form of ethnic cuisine as compared to older generations who prefer more traditional fare. Millennials — having unprecedented access to information from traditional media channels to online social media — continue to focus on organic, unprocessed, simple foods.

Using these outlets like networks like Facebook, Google, and YouTube, Millennials continue to seek knowledge about the latest in food and food research, shaping their habits in the foodservice industry. Read more