How to Be an Effective Leader in an Evolving Industry

  • The Barron Report's Paul Barron talks to business and management guru Rudy Miick about how to be an effective leader.

  • Our industry's culture has changed and behavior that was acceptable 20 years ago is no longer acceptable.

On this episode of The Barron Report, we get to talk leadership with business and management coach, Rudy Miick! Great leadership is a building block in all businesses, but especially in an “industry of pennies” like the restaurant industry. Listen in to hear Paul and Rudy discuss the issues restaurants are facing today and how a great leader can guide their team to success.

Show Notes

  • 2:26 - Rudy’s blogs
  • 3:36 - Begins Asking “Who Are We?”
  • 6:37  - Creating a Strong Culture Using Employees
  • 12:23 - Defining and Re-assessing Excellence
  • 17:09 - Exposing the Sexual Harassment Problem
  • 22:12 - Certain Behaviors are Not Acceptable Anymore
  • 24:07 - Leaders Must be Attentive to Changes in our Industry