How to Build a Cost-Effective Marketing Plan: The Next Superstar Brand

On this episode of Foodable's Front of House podcast, we talk to Pincho Factory CEO, Nedal Ahmad.  He explains that you don’t need a million-dollar marketing campaign to get customers through your doors. 

Nedal started his business manning all his social media from an iPod touch. Now, that same brand has seven locations (and more on the way) serving their cult-like following.

Find out how he did it by listening and following along with the show notes below!

Show Notes

  • 16:23 - Managing Loyalty
  • 18:58 - You STILL Don’t Have a Customer List?
  • 21:01 - S*** Happens. Here's How to Deal With It
  • 25:48 - Your People Are Your Marketing Team
  • 29:41 - Nedal’s Advice