How To Use Infused Spirits to Have a Cost-Effective Bar Program

On this episode of Smart Kitchen and Bar, our resident master mixologist, Oscar Castaneda, shares with us ways to use infused spirits, like St. George Spirits’ Green Chile Vodka, in order to have a cost effective bar program. The key here will be to create cocktails that are approachable for your customers.

“An infused vodka is going to give you the ability to play more with the flavor and the layer[s] of the drink…” says Castaneda. “You have to make sure that… at the same time it’s not going to turn your guest experience away.”

The intention for this upcoming drink, named Georgia Mule Twist, was to use a familiar drink like the Moscow Mule and use ingredients (like the peach and apricot syrup) that would play along with the hot and sweet pepper infused vodka to make an approachable yet unique drink. It’s served on a tumbler or copper mule glass and garnished with lime and mint.


This next drink was inspired by today’s featured spirit which is a mix of a traditional spirit like vodka and the infusion of sweet and spicy ingredients to give us a modern blend of flavors. Oscar calls this “old school and new school.”

He proceeds to mix all his fresh squeezed juices to create a balanced sour base for the Georgie Kick cocktail, then he adds a maple reduction and egg white and gives it a heavy shake. What really makes this cocktail stand out is the cilantro meringue that was browned with a cook torch.


Check out the Smart Kitchen and Bar episode to learn tips about how to make these drinks scalable for your beverage program!