How Vollrath Induction Equipment and Cookware Can Make Your Kitchen Even More Efficient



When it comes to commercial equipment, the number of options available on the market can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, Foodable has traveled across the country to film content in hundreds of commercial kitchens, many with the latest and greatest tools and equipment.

You may have noticed a shiny new kitchen being featured on This year, Foodable Network unveiled the Foodable Smart Kitchen & Bar, featuring the best equipment available on the market today.

When it comes to kitchen equipment, efficiency is essential in order to provide quick speed of service for customers.

A company that has made a name for itself with its innovative, efficient equipment and smallwares is the Vollrath Company.



Vollrath’s portfolio features smallwares, like cookware, serving vessels, and bakeware, along with state-of-the-art equipment using induction technology like heaters, warmers, rethermalizers, woks and  the induction ranges being used in the Foodable Smart Kitchen & Bar.

Induction Tech is 90% Efficient

Induction technology reduces cooking times by delivering the heat only where you need it, unlike gas and electric where the heat must be transferred from a source to a pan or other cookware. Gas is less than 50% efficient, while induction is around 90%.

This ultimately helps to improve consistency, giving the operator greater control to ensure the dish is precisely prepared as expected every time.

Besides cooking dishes quicker and more consistently, Vollrath’s equipment includes intuitive features like overheat protection, small article detection, pan auto detection, empty pan shutoff, safety auto-shutoff, and a "hot" warning display– all of which make a chef’s job easier and the kitchen much safer.

But it’s important to have the right cookware to harness the heat the induction technology creates.



That’s why Vollrath has a line of induction-ready cookware, serving vessels, and bakeware that complement all of its induction equipment.

“Induction-ready cookware or serving vessels are needed to utilize induction technology. In order to be compatible, cookware must be magnetic. Vollrath offers a wide range of world-class, induction-ready cookware and serving vessels,” said Rich Rupp, corporate chef and product training manager at Vollrath.

Not sure which product is right for your kitchen?

Here’s a run-down of some of the most popular Vollrath products.



Mirage® Induction Rethermalizers

This equipment is perfect for soups, chilis, and mac & cheese. It offers faster retherm times and keeps the temperature consistent. It also monitors the temperature of the entire food product and will remind operators when to stir, so the food in the vessel stays at the same temperature.

Heavy-Duty Induction Ranges

These induction ranges are durable and designed for heavy-duty use. They can be used to cook sauces that need low heat for a longer period, or can be used to cook food product fast with high heat temperatures. They are easy to clean and have no open flame, which increases the cooking safety in the kitchen.

Induction Buffet Warmers



Vollrath Equipment in the Foodable Smart Kitchen    |Foodable Network

Vollrath Equipment in the Foodable Smart Kitchen |Foodable Network

This warming equipment will keep food warm for long periods of time and are ideal for banquets and catering. The warmers can be set and adjusted to four power levels– low, medium, high and chafer preheat. Not to mention, three of these warmer units connect to only one power cord that then plugs in to one outlet on wall, saving that valuable outlet space.



Mirage® Pro Countertop Induction Range

This range is portable and is easy to use with a digital pushbutton control panel, along with a convenient temperature memory system that can save your prior temperature setting. It’s also durable and easy to clean. A new favorite in our Foodable Smart Kitchen & Bar.

Modular Induction Dry Well Drop-In

This drop-in offers superior hot food holding, along with precise temperature control in a waterless well. This is the newest Vollrath induction product and features a well that contains two induction capsules for two warming zones per well. The zones can operate either independently or can be synchronized and run through a single control panel per well. Each well can accommodate multiple pan depths like the 2.5” and 4”.

Check out all Vollrath’s products

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