If You Think Restaurants Are Just About Serving Food, You've Missed the Point

People choose restaurants for more than what is on their menu. Take, for example, Panera, the first casual dining restaurant to offer WiFi to guests. It said, “Sit, stay a while.” McDonald’s learned, after becoming a staple, that its signature yellow arches symbolized dependability. And Starbucks’ coffee shop music and relaxed atmosphere made it a perfect study spot.

So what game are you in? What do you want to be known for? Listen and follow along with the show notes below!

Show Notes

  • 3:18 - Kathleen Richardson
  • 3:40 - The Urban Farmhouse
  • 4:13 - Molded by McDonald's, Panera and Starbucks
  • 8:17 - Tapping Into Consumer Psychology
  • 13:33 - Taking on Her Own Venture
  • 15:24 - Who Is Your Customer?
  • 16:36 - Building the Right Atmosphere
  • 19:36 - Partnering with Local Artists, Musicians and Vendors
  • 23:07 - Partnering with Individual Suppliers for Transparency and Education
  • 26:11 - Character of Your Brand: Healthy and Environmentally Friendly Go Hand-In-Hand
  • 29:52 - What do you want to be known for?