Investing in Talent Has Been Key In Tupelo Honey's Success

“Having grown up knowing Tupelo Honey, I kind of feel like it’s always been a lifestyle brand and people are just now catching on to it,” says Tyler Alford.

On this episode, top executives from Ashville-based Tupelo Honey share with Foodable valuable insight on building an engaging lifestyle brand. Tyler Alford, Vice President of Operations, believes it all starts with hiring the right people and he attributes this philosophy to Tupelo Honey’s CEO, Steve Frabitore.

“Our CEO Steve has a fairly simple philosophy of hiring the very best people at every position in the company and with that comes having top pay,” says Alford. “...[This] has really helped our brand to attract a level of talent as well as to create a livelihood for these folks that is much more conducive to having more time at home as well as being happy within the environment...”

Eric Gabrynowicz, Vice President of Culinary and Corporate Executive Chef of Tupelo Honey brought over to the brand tons of experience when he joined the team in 2016, having worked at Danny Meyer’s acclaimed Union Square Cafe in New York City onto eventually opening his own restaurant, and becoming a four-time James Beard Award semifinalist.

In this podcast, Gabrynowicz shares with Foodable some of the things he has learned from his previous work experiences.

“I believe the key indicators… the one that I see in most successful brands is the willingness to take risks,” says Gabrynowicz. “You know, having something that you believe in, having a philosophy or brand that you believe in and being willing to take risks, to change and push and strive that is to me what I see in most successful people…”

Listen to the podcast above to hear how emerging Tupelo Honey promotes a Southern lifestyle through their branding.

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