Is Amazon Intruding or Pushing the Fast-Food Industry Forward?

The fast-food industry is lagging behind and it knows it.

On the other hand, Amazon seems to be moving light speeds ahead in contrast to its food competitors.

Recently, Foodable reported on how Amazon is a brand that is “plugged in” as opposed to the rest of the restaurant industry. Foodable Labs, our sister data company, predicted the Seattle-based company will absorb 25 percent of restaurant visits by the year 2020.

As the logistics, online-retail giant moves forward with its new projects and initiatives, it moves the company closer towards their food logistics goals.

As reported by “Business Insider,” "Amazon is going to try and figure out ... how to use their customer engagement, customer knowledge, and distributions to encroach on anyone's business they can," said Sonic CEO Cliff Hudson.

Hudson is concerned for good reason.

Amazon recently rolled out a new service, catering to its Prime members, by partnering with Danny Meyer-backed, digital ordering platform Olo, marrying its delivery capabilities with the platform’s restaurant reach and online ordering know-how. This is following Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods, in hopes to compete in the food and retail market.

And compete, they have.

"There was a time when Whole Foods was just kind of high-end goods," Hudson told “Business Insider.” "Now, gosh, the ... Whole Foods near our house has 25% of its square footage dedicated to prepared food."

Consumers are fans of time-saving options and this is why Whole Foods and Amazon are on the right path.

To keep up Hudson revealed to “Business Insider,” Sonic will soon be offering a new order-and-pay feature to be used through its recently-debuted app. This feature which will be available in 2018, would allow for its guests to pick-up orders right away complementing the fast-food company’s drive-in model.

Will that be enough, though?

It will be interesting to see what other time-saving services the restaurant industry comes up with to maintain pace.

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