Just Salad: Healthy Salad in a Reusable Bowl

While plant-based brands and restaurants are on the rise, few are able to successfully craft a workable menu that is simultaneously health-conscious, flavorful, and sustainable. Just Salad is the rare fast casual chain that has achieved all three goals, while also keeping prices affordable.

On the latest episode of Foodable’s Smart Kitchen & Bar, host Megan Harris chats with Nick Kenner, founder and CEO of Just Salad. Two years after graduating from college, Kenner left the finance industry in the hopes of creating a platform for healthy food at a reasonable cost. Kenner shares with Harris some of the secrets behind the success of his ever-expanding chain.

“There are very few places in this country where you can get local organic items under ten dollars that taste great and are healthy,” says Kenner. “We’re delivering on every aspect of that.”

And for Kenner, securing local partnerships has been absolutely essential in keeping food taste and quality consistent. “Local supports the community that we are doing business in. It’s also about freshness and sustainability,” adds Kenner. “The less that food has to travel, the less gas and resources that goes into it—and honestly, it just tastes better.”

Just Salad also utilizes a bowl rewards program that represents the largest restaurant reusable program in the United States. Recognized by the EPA, the bowl program provides new customers with a reusable bowl containing their purchased salad. Whenever a customer returns to Just Salad for another salad with that bowl, one of the items in their salad is added for free.

Watch the video above to learn the recipes behind Just Salad’s popular crunchy avocado toast and autumn caesar salad, and keep watching Smart Kitchen and Bar on Foodable On-Demand.

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Darisha Beresford

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