Land Locked Chefs Explore Alaska Seafood

Sustainable seafood has become a hot topic in the restaurant industry and beyond. But what exactly is sustainable seafood and why does it matter?

We are excited to announce the second season of Foodable’s Smart Kitchen & Bar, in partnership with Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, to bring you the most comprehensive conversation ever around seafood at the center of the plate!

In this episode of the Seafood Season, we feature Kevin Hermann, chef de parte at Cure in Pittsburgh, Pensylvania. Chef Hermann has a passion for farm fresh and sustainable ways of cooking and is hoping to return to the Culinary Institute of America as an instructor to continue to pass on the craft and knowledge of sustainable cooking.

Chef Hermann creates a crispy Wild Alaska Pollock Roll as well as his take on a rillette using Alaska Pink Salmon. You can catch the full episode on Foodable On-Demand and Coming Soon to Amazon Prime.