Leaked Whole Foods Email Reveals the Truth About Amazon's $15 an Hour Bump and Not All Workers are so Happy About it

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Amazon made a shocking announcement last week that it would pay its workers in its warehouses and at its grocery chain Whole Foods at least a minimum of $15 an hour.

Effective on November 1st, all full-time, part-time, and seasonal workers for the E-commerce giant will be given the increased wage–some of which were making $11 an hour.

Then this week, an internal email by Whole Foods CEO John Mackey that was sent to Whole Foods employees was leaked. The email outlines how the company will be implementing these raises at the grocery chain.

"According to Mackey, workers making $14 or more currently will be bumped up by $1, while Team Leaders in the same situation will receive a $2 increase. While Amazon scores points for backing a progressive minimum wage hike, veterans of the company are the ones feeling shafted," writes "Gizmodo."

Although supporters of higher minimum wage were quick to celebrate Amazon's announcement, some workers are disappointed that they are only getting a slight bump while others who have just joined the company are making close to their hourly salary without earning it.

“This means that I will make only a dollar more than new team members and I’ve been promoted 5 times while being here almost 6 years,” said a current Whole Foods employee to "Gizmodo" in an email. “I’d like to hear from John Mackey why my years of work and dedication under their constant missteps is worth only a dollar more than a new team member.”

Besides that, some warehouse workers aren't pleased with the pay bump either because the company is no longer giving out stock grants and monthly bonuses, according to a recent "New York Times" report.

"Yes, Amazon is increasing wages, which will benefit most employees. But it will no longer give out new stock grants and monthly bonuses. Some workers believe that means their total compensation will shrink," writes the "New York Times."

On September 12, Mackey announced that the company would be returning stock benefits for Whole Foods workers. He briefly addressed this in the leaked email.

"Keeping with the commitment I communicated in my last letter, we will offer a one-time restricted stock unit (RSU) grant to all Team Members with over 6,000 service hours who have not yet received any RSUs. We will provide more details in the coming weeks," wrote Mackey.

Read the full letter at "Gizmodo" now.

After Amazon acquired Whole Foods last year, the company made some big changes. First, it slashed the prices at the high-end grocery store. Watch the video below to learn more.