Mix It Up For National Ceviche Day with Pizco y Nazca's Peruvian Tiradito

On this episode of Foodable’s Smart Kitchen, we went LIVE in anticipation of National Ceviche Day, June 28th! Executive Chef Miguel Gomez of Pizco y Nazca, a Peruvian gastrobar in Miami, stopped in to show us his Tiradito Ceviche, a modern take on Ceviche Tradicional.

Native to Peru, Chef Miguel reviews classic Peruvian flavors and how to make them shine. We talk fish sourcing, leche de tigre, and what makes a ceviche, a ceviche. Watch the playback above and check out the full recipe below!

Tiradito Ceviche:

5 oz Cobia, thin slices
1 tsp kosher salt
1 oz rocoto paste
4 oz leche de tigre cremosa
1 oz lime juice
Pinch of cilantro chiffonade
2 oz sweet potato, cubed
1 oz cancha


In a bowl mix rocoto paste, leche de tigre, and lime juice until well incorporated. Lay slices of Cobia on a plate and season sprinkling salt and lime juice on top. Cover fish with the mix of leche de tigre cremosa and rocoto. Making sure to cover the whole surface.

Leche de Tigre

8 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
3 oz fish scraps (white fish)
8 oz fish stock
1 oz celery, chopped
0.5 oz garlic, clove
0.25 oz ginger
0.5 ea Limo pepper
1 tbsp kosher salt
4 oz red onion
0.5 bunch cilantro

Mix all ingredients except onions and cilantro into a blender and mix for approximately 1 minute on high speed. Turn the blender off. Add onions and cilantro and pulse 3 times, strain.

Leche de Tigre Cremosa

8 oz leche de tigre
1 oz aji amarillo paste
2 oz ice cubes
2 oz raw scallops
1 oz celery, chopped
0.25 oz garlic, cloves
4 oz canola oil
1 tsp kosher salt

Mix all ingredients in a blender except canola oil for approximately 30 seconds on high speed until smooth paste forms. Turn blender down to medium speed and slowly add oil until creamy. Add salt and mix once again. DO NOT STRAIN.