Mooove Over Beef, Consumers Are Turning to Alternate Proteins

Mooove over beef, pork is hogging up the top spot as consumers’ most loved protein. With a sentiment score of 89.5 (out of 100,) consumers now prefer pork over any other protein. Beef has dropped to the number 5 spot below chicken, seafood, and lamb. Millennial demand for fresh seafood is up 49.5% and consumer mentions of pork menu dishes are up 23.6% from last year. That's more growth than both chicken and beef combined!

Aside from beef no longer being the most loved protein, top foodie influencers are slowly moving away from animal proteins altogether, showing a 309% increase in mentions of vegan menus since just last year.

The healthy halo category of restaurants is now one of the fastest growing segments in both restaurants and menu items. Chefs and operators are increasing their involvement in vegan menu development to meet this new consumer demand with healthy halo concepts increasing vegan menu offerings 211% over this time last year.

Watch the episode above to learn more about the latest protein trends!