On a Mission: Uma Temakeria’s Sustainably Sourced Seafood

 @umatemakeria, Instagram

@umatemakeria, Instagram

Not only was New York City fast casual Uma Temakeria the first to bring the sushi burrito to the city, it’s now spreading the word about responsible sourcing of seafood.

“One of our main missions here is to raise awareness around responsibly sourced fish,” Cynthia Kueppers, co-founder of Uma Temakeria says in this "Fast Casual Nation" episode. “And that’s not an easy mission….it’s very hard to know where your fish is coming from.”

Sustainable seafood sourcing includes knowing where and how the fish are caught — by line or by net. The difference is significant when you consider the amount of waste that comes catching anything and everything in a net running through the ocean.

“They micro-process the fish right on the docks, so it avoids the global seafood supply chain, which often sends things around the globe many times before it lands on your plate,” Kueppers explained.