Orchestrated Chaos at Chef Adrianne's


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On this episode of Food as a Lifestyle, we meet Chef Adrianne Calvo of Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar as she begins her day with a little bit of foraging at Paradise Farms. These little adventures that she takes often inspire her menu.

Today’s inspiration comes from double-yolked eggs. Before Chef Adrianne even arrives at the restaurant, she’s outlining the menu.

“Eggs. Bacon. That’s a classic combination! I think I have that Berkshire pork belly... So, perhaps I will do the pork belly, but I’ll do it in, like, a square. Braise it soft…,” says Calvo.

At 22 years old, Chef Adrianne opened her restaurant, which was previously a Spanish Cafeteria. It required renovation to double the size of the kitchen. Though she wasn't entirely sure how to structure it, she's made it work for her team.

Watch the episode above to see how the dynamic between Chef Adrianne, her mom, and her sous chef, Eglis, create an efficient and wildly-fun kitchen.