Philly Restaurants Cutting Down the Pain of Paperwork

If you’re in the restaurant business, you most like know there are some parts of the operation that are no fun. Two former restaurant operators from Philly, Xavier Mariezcurrena and Chef Tony Aiazzi, feel your pain — especially when it comes to paperwork.

The two have developed ChouxBox (pronounced “shoo” box; Choux means cabbage in French) to shoo away those mountains of paper with the click of a button — on your smartphone — to centralize bookkeeping, maximize purchasing, and eliminating precious time spent on data entry.

With the backing of Silicon Valley and PayPal, the app has gone mainstream and is currently being used across many establishments in Philly, including A Mano, Anise, Kanella, Rouge, Sbraga, La Colombe, Pub & Kitchen, and Independence Beer Garden. Read more