Plant-Based Food Has Been One of the Drivers of Consumer Trends For First Half of 2018

This podcast is exclusively for  Foodable+  members.

This podcast is exclusively for Foodable+ members.

In this Special Report, our host Paul Barron takes the time to share with us some of the most interesting pieces of data from the Mid-Year Consumer Trends report.

Our sister company, Foodable Labs, analyzed 162K food influencers and 6.2 million conversations to determine what lays at the heart of consumer trends for the first half of 2018. As Paul Barron points out in this podcast, what constitutes a 'food influencer' for the purposes of this report, is an individual who's had five engagements with a restaurant a month, in terms of frequency.


There are five categories that the Mid-Year Consumer Trends report is based on and in this special podcast, you'll listen to Paul Barron's analysis of the data. Each category is detailed below:

1. Plant-Based Growth

"We'll be talking about a few trends that were really starting to shift in mid-year. One is the Plant-Based Growth trends... this is something we've been tracking for the last five years, but over the past 18 months we've seen significant movement in this category, so we'll get a chance to review that," Paul mentions at the beginning of the podcast.

Interesting Data Point:

  • There is a 78.4 percent increase in the past year of consumer discussion on plant-based menus

2. Social Media Engagement

This category tracked which social media channels are experiencing the largest activity and engagement involving restaurant conversations by food influencers. Overall, engagement has significantly shifted, where traffic has significantly dropped from one out of the three major social media platforms used by food influencers to share their restaurant experiences.


3. The Market Share Shift

For this category, there were 10 concept types that were analyzed. The podcast will detail which are the winners and losers when it comes to restaurant traffic growth year over year.


4. Snack and Meal Occasions

This category looks at how many times food influencers that eat out a minimum of 5 times per month over the past year performed a snack and meal occasion.

Interesting Data Point:

  • Food Influencers snack occasions are up 22 percent than last year's score and non-restaurant occasions are up 42 percent over last year's score.

5. Most Important Value Trends for Food Influencers 

This last category looks at what is trending amongst food influencers. What are they wanting the most? Seven data points derived from this category, which are all detailed in the podcast.

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